Jardin Foundry’s brand & wordpress design and SEO services help your website bloom to its fullest potential as a fast-running, revenue-generating, certified 10/10 hottie.

We’re led by an award-winning marketer, so we pride ourselves on creating websites that are nice to look at and high-converting. Otherwise your website’s just a very pretty pile of dust.

What we do

WordPress website design

We design with conversion in mind because your website’s primary purpose is to make you money. This guides every step of our approach with you, bringing you down a strategic path towards your revenue goals that begins with your website.

And of course, we make it something you and your site visitors want to look at because users care about how your website looks and they won’t stay if you’ve got the Quasimodo of User Interfaces.

Brand design

A strong brand sets you apart in the online space and generates more sales. We help you create that strong brand in two ways: Bespoke brand design and our pre-designed brand kits.

We customize our work to what you need so that every part of what you do (website, social, etc.) and design for what you need

And if you want a lovely brand but don’t have the budget to spend on something hyper-custom, then consider one of our pre-designed brand kits. These kits are only sold once without the usual designer price tag and if you’re missing a brand asset (ie: we didn’t design an X banner but you need one) we can add this on for a nominal fee.

Search engine optimization

We’ve been ranking websites for two decades. As a former PR strategist turned journalist, Ashley has experience securing backlinks for clients and researching and writing and editing SEO content for some of the world’s most authoritative websites.

Whether you’re a new or established site, we can audit your website for SEO and performance opportunities, research keywords, and write content for you that ranks.

Ashley Couto is a contributor to Forbes.
Ashley Couto is an entrepreneur contributor
Ashley Couto is a Travel+Leisure contributor
Ashley Couto is a contributor to Forbes.
Ashley Couto is an entrepreneur contributor
Ashley Couto is a Travel+Leisure contributor
Ashley Couto is a Conde Nast Traveler contributor
An image of Ashley Couto

The Head Gardener

Hi! I’m Ashley Couto, a marketer and brand & web designer (also a journalist, museum enthusiast, and serial changer of hair colors). I’ve spent the last two decades growing brands across industries as diverse as the creator economy, e-learning, coaching, music, hospitality, fashion, and real estate.

I started Jardin Foundry because after working with 2000+ clients, I know how hard the balance is between aesthetics and functionality on your website. Most brands either have a content machine that makes your eyes bleed or a slow website that just sits there and looks pretty.

The reality is that a great website that visitors want to return to requires both aesthetics & functionality. At Jardin Foundry, we want to make design and massive traffic growth sympatico through our wordpress design and SEO solutions.

What the pros have to say

“A marketing veteran” – Business Insider

Fortune Fakolade testimonial Ashley Couto

“Ashley, I dare say that you’re the queen of personal branding!” – Fortune Fakolade

“I’ve known Ashley for over a decade and in that time she’s designed no less than a dozen websites for me. She just understands how to balance that need for a fast-running site with one that looks great.

I own a portfolio of faceless blogs because I value my privacy and she’s been instrumental in helping me scale the design, functionality, and SEO to a multi-million dollar portfolio over the last several years. I highly recommend her.”

-Valérie H., Faceless blog mogul

“Ashley has phenomenal design instincts. I’ve trusted her for many years to build and maintain websites for over 20 years. I hired her when she was a teenager to build Myspace layouts for my e-commerce business.

I’m still working with her after two decades for a reason. She understands how to make websites that look good and generate sales. And as a business owner, is there anything more important? She’s helped me grow from one store to a national operation and has always been at the forefront of what’s happening in marketing.”

-Patricia P., fashion boutique owner

“We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Ashley Couto to speak, where she shared her expertise on pitching and writing for major publications and platforms.

Not only did Ashley bring invaluable insights and practical tips to the table, but she also had a way of engaging with our audience that made complex concepts accessible and actionable.”

– Laura Peters, Scale Your Travel Blog

Laura Peters Testimonial Ashley Couto

“Ashley is outstanding at leveraging generative AI in marketing to help individuals & companies reach their goals.

She’s also a fantastic teacher with a gift for making the complex world of AI simple for those trying to change their workflow. I highly recommend partnering with her.”

-Conor Grennan, Chief AI Architect at NYU Stern

Conor Grenan

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