Jardin Foundry is a creative studio where dreams take root.

My grandparents fled a dictatorship to come to Canada and start over.

They didn’t know the language, they encountered snow for the first time, and my grandpa used to scrub toilets for $2 an hour while my grandmother worked in a textile factory.

My grandparents sewed the seeds of a new life for their family and put down roots in a new place so that we would have a chance of living an amazing life. When they moved from British Columbia to Québec, my grandparents moved into a small home on the property of the garden centre where my grandpa worked.

Jardin Foundry (jardin means garden in French) is a tribute to the sacrifices they made and the incredible courage they had. My grandmother was entrepreneurial but never had the opportunity to see those dreams through, so I’m picking up the mantle for her.

In a cruel twist of irony, I’m horribly allergic to plants and pretty much all greenery but this is what I water every day — the dreams they didn’t get to fulfill, the life they didn’t get to live so that my family could be secure and stable.

This a garden for dreaming, for founding, for going on adventures and enjoying the beautiful things in life (and that includes great design and writing).

A story three generations in the making.

About our studio

About us

We’re a Montreal-based design and SEO studio, but we work with clients globally. Our team is distributed across the world and filled with global travellers. As we write this we’re in Orlando, Bogotà, Lyon, and Bruxelles.

Why work with us

We believe that your website should support your goals and our job is to figure out how to best make that happen, not to impose our specific design vision and make your website fit into that box, which is what many designers do.

We’re masters at taking your abstract ideas for how you see your website fitting into your larger vision and presenting you with new opportunities to monetize and take advantage of your site.

Get in touch

We’re always happy to connect with you. Please use our contact form to get in touch about a project, a speaking opportunity, media commentary, or other type of collaboration.

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We’re always improving and always keeping our skills sharp as marketing changes.


We’re never too married to our opinions to try something new,

we live and breathe these core values


We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. Expect a gif or a TikTok to be passed along and we aren’t hard monitoring people’s clock in and clock outs.


We treat each other with dignity and care and we expect our clients to treat us the same way. We have a strict “no assholes” policy,

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We do it then we teach it. We don’t believe in sharing strategies we haven’t personally tried or tested.


We approach problems with curiosity and openness rather than frustration.